The Grade 6/7 students sold daffodil pins to students and staff at EFPS for the whole month of April. We raised over eighty dollars! Congratulations 6/7’s! The money will help support the fight against cancer. I will post our daffodil bulletin board that the students created next week!

Stay tuned…



Here is your first Healthy Eating Assignment:

1. Download Screencastify in the Web store.

2. Go to this link:¬†Canada’s Food Guide

3. Read the website.

4. Now use Screencastify to explain your recommended Food Guide Servings per Day. Follow the learning goal and success criteria.

Learning Goal: I can identify the recommended number of food servings I need per day.

Success Criteria:

– I can log on to the website using the link above. I can read the website.

– I can introduce myself and share my age.

– I can state how much food I need from all four food groups by reading the chart.

– I can share my Screencastify with Ms. Lindeman


We need one environmental challenge.  Watch this video for inspiration:



We need one challenge that helps others:



We need one challenge to make people happy: