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Grade 6- Science

Take a look at our KWL chart:

What I KNOW What I WANT to know What I LEARNED
–       There is zero gravity

–       You can’t breath

–       It would take you 2 years to get to Jupiter

–       There are stars in space

–       Space has dust storms

–       Mars has water on it but it is frozen

–       Once planets in space hit the earth and piece came off and became the moon

–       Mars is smaller then the earth

–       There are 8 planets in space not including Pluto

–       The earth takes 24 hours to complete a 360 degree turn

–       I want to know about black holes

–       How is a space suit made?

–       What is the smallest planet?

–       What is the biggest planet?

–       Is Mars inhabitable?

–       What happens if a planet dies?

–       How big will be the ship to get to Mars?

–       What the planets are like?

–       Why is there no gravity?

–       Is Venus cold?

Now let’s learn:

Pay close attention there will be a quiz after.